You sent me 45 texts saying "meow"


how girl get pragnant?


Stats and Permissions
ohhhh fuckk. chicks a dude.
Name: Noah Puckerman
Age: 16
Eyes: Brown
Hair: MOHAWK. I mean, dark brown.
Height: shorter than Finn but that's 'cause Finn's a giant.
Weight: no clue. FOOTBALL PLAYER.


WHERE DOES I PUT A NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT WARNING? I guess I'll put it here. WARNING: Puck is not a politically correct guy, but him being a dick doesn't mean I am one; if he says anything that bugs you as a player but you want to keep playing with him (or me), please contact me so we can work out CENSOR WORDS or so I can hook you up with one of my nice characters. I'm inupr0n at gmail and I can be found on IRC as Shigure o/~

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